International Students & Programs

The International Students & Programs was one of the Fachschaft’s working groups. We took care of the needs and interests of international students and students of international study programs which belong to our Fachschaft.

All our activities had the goal of better integration of international students in our Fachschaft. Thus, we organized (in strong cooperation with the ESA-Sitzung) an orientation program which guides the incoming students through their first days and weeks at RWTH Aachen. We also offered help on questions regarding the study programs and studying in Germany in general. Therefore we created a fresher’s info in English and offered a presentation about taking exams in Germany.

Another activity was the organisation of exchange programs with other universities (e.g. TU Eindhoven, Netherlands).

As all members of ISP finished their studies, this working group was dissolved in summer term 2010. However, this does not mean that nobody takes care of international students anymore. The Fachschaft as a whole is of course still responsible for international students.