General Information

The Fachschaft Mathematik/Physik/Informatik is very open-minded and internationally oriented. However, as the majority of our students speak German, most of our information and publications are published in German.

We tried to translate our entire homepage to English some time ago, but since we are only a few volunteers, the English information soon got outdated. Therefore we decided to offer only the most important information in English and try hard to keep this information up-to-date.

To start with, the English version of our web site provides information on who we are and what we are doing and about the services available during our office hours, including when and where these take place.

In case you need to contact us, we have all the information on how you can reach us. Our English newsletter is a good opportunity to stay informed about what we do and which activities we offer.

We also offer information in English about the two international master programs Media Informatics and Software Systems Engineering.