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Autonomous Info-Flyer for the Student Council Maths/Physics/Computer Science

Geier, can you eat that?

Yes, but it doesn't taste good! The Geier is the flyer for your favourite student council, which hopefully appears every two weeks to provide you with a double page of informative fun for boring lectures. If you have no idea what you can associate with the word Geier, scroll down to download our latest works of art and just read on.

And who does something that odd?

The Geier editorial team of course, a handful of people who meet regularly to put something new on paper.

When and where do you meet?

We meet regularly every week on Tuesday from 18:00 in the Fachschaft in Augustinerbach 2a (1st floor). As a rule of thumb there is a new Geier every two weeks; sometimes even more, depending on how many articles we have at the moment.

You are arrogant because you speak for the whole student council!

Nonsense! We only speak for ourselves – that is the meaning of this great word “autonomous“. By the way, this also means that we publish articles that do not represent the opinion of all Geier authors.

This is all total crap what you are doing. I can do that better!

We are looking forward to your criticism, praise, gloss, artistic outburst or other text by e-mail to geier@fsmpi.rwth-aachen.de – best with a great article! ;-) We'd be even more happy if you'd simply join us for our weekly meeting (see above!). Important: We have been receiving unwanted press releases from various organizations lately. We are generally not interested in this; sending press releases to the above address is therefore forbidden.

Give us the Flugis!

In order not to miss any Geier, you can register on the GAML (GeierAboMailingListe). Then you get all new Geier fresh from the press fluttered to you as PDFs!

Those are too many for me

True, in the course of the years quite a lot of Geiers have accumulated. To support your reading pleasure, there is a jubilee collected volume.

Here you can also find all Geiers published so far.