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Video AG

Logo der Video AG We are the Video AG. We record lectures for you and show them online – when, where and as often as you want. We film and stream lectures and events from you and for you. In the summer semester 2015 we have recorded 30 weekly semester hours and the presentation of the application and elective subjects Computer Science, 11 semester hours Physics and 4 semester hours Mathematics for you.

We also recorded and live streamed events such as TEDxRWTHAachen and Eurobot as well as many talks at the CCCAC. We want to continue with this impressive list, so further lectures at the CCCAC and the event TEDxRWTHAachen 2016 are already planned.

Our main field of activity is of course still lectures, e.g. with Experimental Physics Va and Vb and Theoretical Physics IV we record almost the entire fifth semester of the physics bachelor; in computer science there is as always a lot from computability and complexity and software engineering from the third semester to a completion of our existing recording of Advanced Methods of Cryptography.

On the hardware side, we have upgraded the storage capacity of our server to about 11 TB for raw data and 5 TB for finished videos with hard disks financed from quality improvement funds of physics.

With new equipment we held back this semester; but with the planning of the next semester we already noticed some bottlenecks. We will probably apply for the rest of the necessary fourth recording set at the VV in November.

Curious? Have a look at our website, write to us or talk to us. We are the people with camera, microphone and cables!

Or visit our session, which takes place every 3rd Wednesday of the month. The exact date will be announced in time on the Video AG website.

Alternatively, you can find us so often in the student council.

We are always happy about people who are interested in camera, sound or video editing. Young people (also in the Master's area) are welcome in all subjects!