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The Higher Education Act of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia prescribes that there is a student body which is divided into student councils. There are a total of 18 student councils at RWTH. The basic structure of our student councils is laid down in the student council regulations. Since such regulations are rarely easy to read, here is the most important one in short form:

Student Council Organigram

Everything starts with the General Assembly (Vollversammlung, VV). There the basic decisions are made, the big chunks of money are distributed and as the name says, everyone should appear and participate.

Then it goes on with the student council meeting (Fachschaftssitzung, FSS). This takes place on Monday evenings in the Fachschaft, the agenda can be found on Fridays on this page. During the semester the student council meeting takes place weekly and its purpose is to continuously do (or distribute) all the work that has to be done and to implement the resolutions of the VV.

Project teams (Arbeitsgemeinschaften, AGs) are also founded at the VV. These meet regularly and deal with sub-areas of the student representatives' work. Anyone can come by and participate in both the AG meetings and the student representatives' meeting.

The ESA meeting is the organ of the student council, which is meant to take care of first semester work. As with the student council meeting, all students who are in our student council can take part in it. So if you enjoy organizing and carrying out the rally or the freshmen weekend or anything else for the next freshmen, you should come by here.

Of course there are also the committees of the academic self-administration, in which the student council is involved. There are, for example, examination boards, expert commissions and appointment committees.