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Examination boards

The examination boards deal with all kinds of examination matters – such as changes to examination regulations or the recognition of academic achievements. Of course, students also sit on the examination boards. They have the right to vote and are on an equal footing with professors. You can find the list of current representatives of students on the faculty website (German only).

What is done there in detail…

  • Development, Decision and Amending the examination regulations
  • Approvement of further examination attempts
  • Extension of free trial periods
  • Recognition of academic achievements as well as external diploma theses
  • Processing of appeals
  • Decisions on types and durations of examinations
  • and everything that is missing here.

Do you have questions about your examination regulations? Or a request that – if it makes sense – should be dealt with by the examination board? Then contact the students on your examination board.

We have set up separate e-mail distribution lists for each examination board so that you can reach the selected students there. Since the examination boards for the diploma, bachelor and master programmes are combined, one distribution per subject list is sufficient.