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Fachschaft (Student Council)

Gruppenbild der Fachschaft 2022

The Fachschaft (Student Council) is part of the student body – and therefore a legal part of the university. All students majoring in mathematics, physics and computer science belong to the Fachschaft I/1. Active members of this group represent their fellow students and work for their purposes, for instance by organizing freshers’ introductions, editing this web site or doing commitee work.

The personal and categorical decisions for the work of the Fachschaft are made in the plenum (VV – Vollversammlung). The more precise coordination is done weekly during the meeting of the Fachschaft. Plena and meetings are held in German. However, every student is invited to attend and take part in decision-making.

Apart from that, there are miscellaneous working groups, which follow up on special topics. The students responsible for the working groups are elected by the plenum (VV). Everybody can participate in meetings of these working groups as well.

Active members of the Fachschaft work voluntarily. Accordingly these students are called the active Fachschaft. But all students, no matter of active or not, are part of the Fachschaft. To complete the various meanings, the word “Fachschaft” often simply denotes the involved students or our rooms.

Committee work

Most of the work done by the Fachschaft isn’t that obvious. There are student representatives in a lot of committees, especially faculty board (Fakultätsrat), department meetings (Fachkommissionen), examination boards (Prüfungsausschüsse) and search comittees for new professors (Berufungskommissionen).

Even though the professors have an absolute majority in nearly all committees we always find a way to influence the discussions in a productive way. The important thing is that we can join the discussions and explain our view as students.