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We can be reached in many different ways. We have two locations: In the core area and in the computer science center.

In the core area:

Fachschaft Mathematik/Physik/Informatik an der RWTH Aachen
Augustinerbach 2a
52062 Aachen

Phone Augustinerbach: +49 (0) 241 80 94506 (only reachable during office hours)

Consultation hours:

Due to reasons, consultations require that you get an appointment (it's easy!).

At the Computer Science Center:

Fachschaft Mathematik/Physik/Informatik an der RWTH Aachen
Außenstelle Informatikzentrum
Ahornstraße 55, Raum 2015
52074 Aachen

Phone Computer Science Center: +49 (0) 241 80 26741 (only reachable during office hours)

Consultation hours:

Due to reasons, consultations require that you get an appointment (it's easy!).


In person or by telephone

You can visit us personally at our premises in the core area at Augustinerbach or at the Computer Science Center. You are guaranteed to meet us there during our office hours and at meetings, but we are also frequent enough outside these times.

The same applies to calls. If you have specific or longer questions, you can also first write an e-mail and make an appointment for an interview.


Preferably you can reach us by mail. No matter whether you have suggestions for improvement, criticism, questions, examination protocols, scripts or other information for us, we would be happy to receive your mail. We are also happy to mediate in problems with a professor or scientific staff.

We are generally not able to send mails to all students. We do not have access to such a mailing list. There is also no bulletin board. We have a mailing list for job offers.

The central contact address of the student council is fs@fsmpi.rwth-aachen.de.

Questions on study programs

If you have questions on certain study programs, we have the following mailinglists:

If you would like to send us one (or more) files, it is better to contact us beforehand. Otherwise you might end up in the moderation filter.

In case of really serious problems, however, it is usually more sensible to call us directly during office hours. If it is not terribly urgent, it is advisable to check by e-mail when you can reach someone at all who can help you – because not all subjects are represented in every consultation hour (this can save more than 100 steps…).

There are separate mailing lists for the individual committees and working groups or subject areas, where the experts answer directly.

Working groups and project teams


For some committees it is useful to contact the student members of the respective committee directly. This is particularly recommended for sensitive questions concerning examinations.

Job offers

We regularly receive enquiries as to whether we can post job offers or forward them to our students, but this is not possible for us. However, we have set up a mailing list on which anyone interested in job offers can register.

Subscribe here to receive those job offers: page of the mailing list

Use your password for this mailing list to view the archive.

If you have any questions about this mailing list, please send them to fs@fsmpi.rwth-aachen.de.

Attention: only if you have a job offer that you want to send to all subscribers automatically, send it to the following address. everything you send to this address will be delivered to ALL subscribers immediately. Please do not send questions to this address: jobs@fsmpi.rwth-aachen.de

Invitations to participate in surveys…

…arrive with us in regular frequency. But here, too, we have no way of passing them on to our students. We would therefore like to ask you not to send us any surveys to the student council address, even if they serve a bachelor's or master's thesis or other scientific purpose. We thank you for your understanding that we silently ignore such requests in order not to make more work for us.

Other mail addresses of interest

Postal address

We receive mail through the university (we don't sit there, please go to the addresses above):

Studierendenschaft der RWTH Aachen
Fachschaft Mathematik/Physik/Informatik
Templergraben 55
52056 Aachen