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Augustinerbach 2a

The Augustinerbach 2a is where most of our consultation hours, student council meetings and most AG meetings take place.


Fachschaft Mathematik/Physik/Informatik an der RWTH Aachen
Augustinerbach 2a
52062 Aachen

Consultation hours

How to find us

Our Fachschaft is located exactly here (on the first floor).

The most courageous can come by car (at the motorway junction Aachen direction Aachen-Laurensberg, take the exit of the same name and then turn right. Stay on this road. At some point you will automatically be led through a left-hand bend into Roermonderstrasse. You drive it straight ahead. At some point you will head towards an old town gate (Ponttor): there you turn right into Pontwall, in order to turn left into Wüllnerstr. at the next opportunity. Continue down this road and follow the bend to the right into the Anuntiatenbach. Then turn left again into the Augustinerbach and you're there!), maybe you'll even get a parking lot (second row, storm into the FS and let it guide you).

We recommend the train: e.g. Regionalexpress (or of course Thalys or ICE) to Aachen main station. From there it's a 20 minute walk - alternatively you can also take the bus.

Walk to the station square and then walk left along Lagerhausstr. until you come to an old city gate (the - nomen est omem - Marschiertor). There you march down Franzstr., the following name change into Kleinmarschierstr. tells you that you have half behind you! Before you hit the cathedral, make a left turn into Schmiedstr. and follow this street also after the renaming into Klostergasse and Kockerellstraße. When the pedestrian zone ends go right into the Augustinerbach!

By bus you can get to the main building of the RWTH by leaving the bus station and change the side of the street. At the bus stop take the line 13. Arrived at the stop "Technische Hochschule" (Templergraben), look for the three telephone pillars and walk down the wheelchair/bicycle ramp to the left and you are already on Kármánstraße, then you just have to go straight on and then turn left until you are at Augustinerbach!

If you're coming from Düsseldorf/Mönchengladbach, you can also leave the train at Aachen West, which shortens the walk enormously: go down the platform stairs, turn left in the tunnel, then right into Geschwister-Scholl-Str., then keep going straight ahead (in the meantime you'll walk on the old Schinkelstr. without knowing it...). The thick road that now throws itself into your way is the Templergraben. Do you see the 3 telephone columns? You go down the wheelchair/bicycle ramp to the left of it and already you're on Kármánstr! Then all you have to do is go straight on and then turn left until you reach the Augustinerbach!